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The Wise Way Advantage

Our Revolutionary & Proven Mediation Process

Our mediators have helped thousands settle their divorce at a fraction of the cost of a traditional two-lawyer divorce. We offer a concise, structured mediation process separated into clear steps so that the issues specific to your case are identified and addressed fairly. Our process will help you to avoid the emotional and financial difficulties that a traditional litigated divorce can cause. Mediation with Wise Way will help you to navigate the divorce process constructively so that you can amicably reach an agreement. Divorce and family mediation is all we practice. We have the experience to assist you during this difficult transition.


Free No Obligation Consultation

Unfortunately not every divorce can be settled with mediation. For this reason, we offer a free consultation. At the consultation, you will meet with one of our mediators and they will learn the specifics of your case, answer all of your questions and provide you with a recommended mediation plan and flat fee quote if the mediator feels that you and your spouse can communicate and mediate your divorce. We can accommodate evening and weekend hours. Call us now to schedule a time and location that is convenient for you.

Affordable Flat Fee

Divorce does not have to be emotionally or financially devastating. We do not charge a retainer fee and the cost of our entire process is quoted at the free consultation so that you can better plan your finances while moving through the divorce process. With a flat fee, you can stop worrying about the total cost of your divorce and focus on the details of your divorce. In our experience, we can divorce for less than what a traditional lawyer may charge as a retainer fee. 



Each mediator has extensive experience practicing family law and divorce mediation. By working together as a team, we are well equipped to handle any issue that may arise in your case. We assist our clients in reaching their goals while preserving marital assets and avoiding the destructive nature of a litigated divorce. For over 15 years Wise Way  has helped thousands navigate the divorce process.

Fast and On Your Time Schedule

Your divorce can be finalized far more quickly through mediation. Family court dockets are crowded and a litigated divorce can take several years to be complete. At Wise Way your divorce can be completed in a matter of weeks. Moreover, you decide the pace of mediation. Whether you wish to move through the transition quickly or require a longer time frame, your mediator will give you a schedule that suits your needs.

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Affordable Payment Plans & No Retainer Fee

To better assist you during this difficult time, we offer payment schedules that divide your fees into installments in order to reduce the financial impact on you and your spouse. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo and CashApp payments.

All Documents for the divorce are included in your fee

Once your mediation is completed we will draft and give you all the documents and forms to file your divorce. We provide you with all forms needed so that all you do is sign and notarize the documents and then send them to the court.

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