• Melissa Barth, Esq.

Divorce and Your Legacy

Legacy and divorce. Two words you don’t hear in tandem, but think about it, what will your legacy be? Divorce happens. No one sets out thinking that it will touch their lives. This is why it is so important to keep your eye on the ball when divorce presents itself as an issue in your life. You cannot proceed down the path blindly and expect to preserve your personal relationships. And these relationships extend far past the two individuals party to the divorce. All aspects of ones life are affected, from the workplace to extended family. And all will be affected by the careless handling of a divorce.

So learn about the options and weigh your choices carefully. You’re writing your story and divorce is only a chapter. Don’t let a difficult divorce be the legacy you leave behind. Mediation will decrease the time it takes to transition through divorce so you can move forward with your life. The way parents experience a divorce is the way their children and extended family will. Mediation allows couples to protect and preserve these relationships. This isn’t your parents’ divorce! Don’t divorce blindly, learn about your options and choose wisely. #divorce #divorcemediation #divorcing #legacy

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