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Divorce Mediation & Parenting Coordination / No Longer A Couple But Still A Family

Divorcing with children requires you to continue to interact with your ex-spouse. One event that parents often find challenging post-divorce are children’s birthdays. What are you going to do? Up until now, you threw one party invited all the friends and family members. But now you are getting or have gotten divorced. Perhaps you haven’t spoken to your inlaws since you and the ex-spouse stopped living together. So what should you do? You can’t skip your child’s birthday and you do not want to start out on the wrong foot so early in your co-parenting relationship. The good news is: You are not the first parent to face this dilemma. And even better there are multiple options all of which can and do result in happy birthday celebrations post-divorce.

New leaf Mediation Group offers Parenting Coordination Services. If you and you former spouse are having difficulty reaching an agreement on any issues, from birthday parties to visitation we can help.

Call New Leaf today to schedule a free consultation: 1-844-WISE-WAY (947-3929).

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