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Melissa Delis Barth, Esq. 
Founder & Executive Director

Melissa Barth founded Wise Way to Divorce in 2003 to help couples resolve their divorce by using mediation. When you work with Melissa, you are getting a highly qualified attorney and divorce mediator with extensive training. Her clients benefit from Melissa's vast experience and expertise in this highly sensitive and complex area of practice. 


Ms. Barth received her B.A. in Political Science from Boston University and her law degree from Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island.  She received her certification training in divorce mediation from The Institute for Dispute Resolution in Montclair, New Jersey.

As a former trial attorney, Melissa understands the importance of mediation and has seen the devastating effects that litigation can have on a family both emotionally and financially.  As an impartial mediator, Melissa will facilitate a peaceful and stress free open discussion between divorcing couples while establishing an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.  Ms. Barth encourages creative problem solving, assists in making issues clear and intervenes when emotions hinder the process.

S. David Thomas, Esq.

David devotes his practice exclusively to all aspects of Family Law with over 10 years of experience focused on amicable divorce mediation. 

Kimberly Shubert, Esq.

Kimberly A. Shubert, Esq. joins Wise Way after years of representing husbands and wives in divorce and post-judgment matters, such as child support modification, custody disputes and change of circumstances motions in New Jersey.  She is a Rule 1:40 Certified Family Law Mediator in New Jersey, personally been through the process as a mother and has represented fathers in court.  As such, she brings clients a unique perspective on the process of untangling lives and starting new ones with a good structure to help guide them through raising children together successfully.  Divorce is a big change in your lives and your children’s, but it doesn’t have to be the painful process that many people go through.  Let Kimberly help you navigate through this process.


Zachary M. Barth 
Divorce Mediator

Zachary utilizes his background in law and litigation to help divorcing clients mediate their differences and reach their goals quickly while reducing stress and preserving the family relationship. This is especially important given Zachary 's experience witnessing the damaging effects of divorce litigation when his parents divorced and his biological father stopped communicating with the family because of the animosity and grief caused by a protracted court case. When founding Wise Way with his wife, Melissa, Zachary's commitment was to help as many children avoid the pain he experienced by bringing couples together so they can divorce with dignity.

Zachary is dedicated to providing mediating couples with personalized and professional problem-solving options and alternatives. He will do everything possible to make clients feel valued and respected while keeping them on track towards their goals.

Zachary received his training in divorce mediation from the Center for Mediation & Training in New York, New York.  He received his Juris Doctor degree from Roger Williams University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Flagler College.

Jennifer J. Ryan, Esq.

Jennifer J. Ryan Esq. has represented couples with family law, divorce mediation, child support modification, custody disputes and change of circumstances motions in New Jersey.


J.D. New York Law School

Member of NJ bar. 

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