Not ready to get Divorced? Do you need help to resolve a family dispute? We can Help. 


Do you want to try to save your marriage or settle a family dispute? After assisting thousands of clients through the divorce process we have heard countless times that if the family had known how to have a constructive dialogue that they may not have ever come to the point of divorcing.  


Our family mediation services can help. With family mediation, you will learn constructive communication techniques so that you can effectively solve problems and avoid conflict.  Our unique model will teach you to calmly and patiently discuss issues that are causing strife in your marriage and family.  We can also meet with parents and their children to facilitate discussions that will enable your family to resolve any conflict or dispute that is standing in the way of a peaceful and stable home environment.


New Leaf is committed to assisting families who are in need of a safe and neutral environment to identify and resolve conflict.  Our family mediation services will help to resolve current issues affecting your family’s happiness as well as teach you invaluable tools to apply in future situations that may cause a breakdown in your ability to communicate.


Family mediation services are also very valuable post-divorce.  We always tell our divorcing clients with children that while they may no longer be a couple, they will always be a family.  As such, it is vital to learn the proper communication techniques that you will require to handle any issues that may arise.

Whether you are contemplating divorce and are unsure whether your marriage can be saved, or are already divorced and need assistance moving into your new roles as co-parents, don’t allow miscommunication lead you down a destructive path.


Family mediation services can help with:


Saving a marriage;

Assisting families with stepping into their new post-divorce roles;

Parenting Coordination;

Parent-child mediation;

Disputes with extended family members including, in-laws.


For over 10 years our proven methods have helped countless families to learn effective strategies to create a happy living environment.  Your family’s well-being is our main focus.


Call our office today at 844-WISE-WAY(947-3929) to schedule your appointment.

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